About Viyari

Hello there! We are Pel and Anupa, and we run Viyari! As friends coming from different cultures (Pel is Filipino-American who got "adopted" as Indian when she married one, and Anupa is East Indian-American from Africa) we always believe we have more things in common than differentiate us. We launched Viyari out of a thread that connects us - our love for Indian culture. While all our pieces are designed with a strong sense of our heritage, we strive to offer a fun, unique and empowering accessories for the modern woman. Viyari is a jewelry brand with a mission to spread love, joy and positivity one jewelry piece at a time. 
Viyari is a fusion of Swahili and Filipino words – “Vito” means gem, and “Yari” means make or power. Remember, you have the power to cause a positive change and greatly impact the world around you.  
We are located in sunny Southern California. Please contact us for any questions or inquiries at sales@viyari.com or
call us at 573-500-0888